I Love Technology. I Love helping people.

Clients Include:

I am an IT and Network Expert with over 20+ years experience.

I’ve been troubleshooting PC’s since the MS-DOS & Windows 3.1 era, and have not stopped since. I began building and upgrading my own pc’s in 2000, a practice I continue to this day. I know the in’s and outs of any machine I get my hands on, and absolutely
love every minute of it. I possess a passion for all technology, and enjoy solving problems while helping
people succeed. I understand that time is money, and how my work directly affects the bottom line. I
offer friendly, timely, smooth expert service that gets technical headaches out of your way, so you can
get back to work and leisure.


  • Windows desktop PC troubleshooting and repair.
  • Network installation, router setup and configuration.
  • Security, Hardware & Software.
  • Hardware & Software troubleshooting, Upgrades, Installation, Repair.
  • OS optimization on multiple platforms.
  • Virus/Spyware removal.
  • Laptop Upgrade & Repair.
  • Command Line Wizard. DOS/Cmd/TelNet
  • Desktop support via in field, remote, and phone.
  • Desktop/Wifi Router Configuration & Installation, TCP/IP. Novell Netware & CISCO.
  • Cisco router installation, troubleshooting, setup, software & hardware configuration and repair.
  • Mac OS & Hardware diagnostics & Repair.

Much More.

Additional skills: html, C++, C#, Javascript, Unity, Windows, linux, Mac, ios, android. Game Design
Expert. Creative skills & Problem solving.

IT & Tech Related Work Experience:

Robotics Instructor, iDTech April 2016 (Contract).

Cisco Network Installation (Contract) Jan 2016-Present

Club Scientific Atlanta LLC, IT Specialist. September 2015-Present.

Onforce Field Support Contract Technician: 2000-Present

Contract IT & Windows Desktop Support 1998-present

IT Network Specialist 1998-2001, Instructor, Lockhart Academy High School, Kennesaw, GA

Mass network installation, router configuration, pc setup and wiring, 1998-2001.

More work/Client experience available upon request.

Related Experience :
iOS & Windows Game Development instructor. Various Universities. In addition to designing & coding
video games, responsible for PC and lab network setup and troubleshooting at Emory University. As a Lead, I

Also of note: I have diverse & unique work experience which sets me apart from other candidates. I’ve been a life
coach for 10+ years, licensed by a psychiatrist. This means I’m equally as good with people as I am with
technology. Just for fun, I’m also an author, and have written self help, romance, and a cookbook.

Savannah College of Art and Design, 2001-2004,
ITGM Major, Game Development. Blending Tech & Creative Skills into a cohesive whole.


Certified Unity3d Game Developer.

References available upon request



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