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Ω Nicketas is a Game Design Instructor, IT Pro, Author, Writer, Artist.

A Strategic Creative & Technical Professional with a mind for developing quality work as well as innovative production processes with which to bring it about. I optimize, Joyfully create, boosting business, and lead others to reach their goals. I enjoy building, revitalizing, & marketing brands or ideas from start to finish, whether its my own personal projects, or that of a company I believe in.

I am guided by passion, empathy, and integrity.

  • I.T.
  • Game Design
  • Social Media
  • Teaching.
  • Content design.
  • 2D/3D Graphics
  • Production & Productivity Consulting.
  • +1 Shipped PC Video Game Title, “Hanako : Blade and Honor” Available on STEAM.
  • 20+ years Experience.

I’m very calm, love to help people, and I use my skills for the good of the team.

Of course, there’s always more for us to discover.

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I choose my clients, jobs, and associates carefully.

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