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UPDATE: As of October 9th, 2017, HANAKO Has been Published to Steam Early access. You may find the game here:

I Do Social Media. I have 7+ years of internet marketing experience and have been in business for myself even longer. I’ve had several clients over the years and would be happy to supply a more detailed list of my experience upon request.

Here is an example campaign that I have recently done:

Hanako Tclap Unity3d Post

That was a viral marketing campaign I created and ran from Jan 2015-April2015.


I also have a steam-greenlit game under my belt. (This means the game is now published for PC). I did not develop the game (Credit goes to +Mpact Games LLC). However I did do the social media marketing and gave it a hard push to get it greenlit, while directing the campaign, in coordination with the team. Additionally I have offered game design consultations to help shape the gameplay. I’ve been following it since the earliest days of its development, and was asked by the Creative Lead to promote it.

I can do the same for you. I offer custom packages for a flat rate, depending on the scope & requirements of the project.

For game developers, the ultimate goal is to get players to your game. Social media & other marketing services are the de facto way to do this.

The same is true of all digital media projects be they film, art, websites, books, or other products/services.

As you can see from my site, I have experience in many mediums. So I Understand the needs of a diverse array of clients & projects because I have done them for myself, and with others.

If you would like me to promote your work and build up your fan/subscriber/buyer base, Any package can be customized to your needs at the given price point, within reason of that particular budget range.


Starter: $99/month Twitter Growth + Twitter Updates. If you do not have a twitter account we can set one up for you. If you prefer to start with facebook via this option, I can grow this account.

Standard: $499/month. Twitter/Facebook/Blog updates + One other platform (custom) + Email list building services.

Pro: $997/month. Complete Multiplatform Social Media rollout on all relevant platforms. + Email list building + additional marketing services as needed based on your business.

I also offer an intensive blogger outreach package to contact bloggers in your niche and encourage them to promote you. This is an additional addon-fee at your discretion. Cost to be discussed privately as it depends on desired work volume.

All packages include content updates & growing your following/fans on the networks chosen. In all cases, I am committed to helping you reach your goals within the bounds of the package chosen (and sometimes beyond).

For enterprise-level consultations, contact me for a quote.

Enterprise: Contact for a Quote.

Need a custom solution? Contact me.

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Social Media Packages

Be sure to ask about thunderclap campaigns like the ones above :). If you would like to do a full thunderclap campaign, I offer this as an option. Price for this is flexible in accordance with you budget. Contact me for details.


Once packaged is purchased, We will have a brief meeting over skype to discuss details & I will begin work immediately.

All packages are monthly. No Refunds except under exigent circumstances (acts of God or If overbooked an am unable to deliver, which rarely occurs), Cancel anytime.

That’s all! Enjoy 🙂

To Your Victory,